Thursday, August 8, 2013

Like A Hurricane

August 27, 2012

One transfer in Cristo Rey.  Six weeks in the big city with Elder Adams.  Transfer calls came and we will both be staying here together for another Six weeks.  That means another month and a half of cooking American food and communicating in English.  I'm counting my blessings. 

Last Saturday we were able to baptize one our investigators named Minerva.  She has been investigating the church for almost a year now and was essentially a member already.  We just had to convince her that getting baptized isn't as scary as she thought it was and she took the plunge.  It was a very emotional day for her and many of her strong member friends attended.  She will be a fantastic addition to our already strong ward.  Besides Minerva we are already working with two other families who are investigating the church.  We are currently planning the wedding for one of them and we hope that they will be able to get baptized this transfer. 

On the subject of being immersed in water, Hurricane Issac decided to stop in for a visit this last week and brought with it an entire ocean of rain.  We were stuck in the house for two days as water and wind pounded the Dominican Republic.  At one point we ventured outside and found an entire street that had been flooded by the rain.  We trudged through the streets and helped a few of our neighbors move furniture and other valuables as water rushed into their houses.  As disastrous as the scene appeared, the natives were relatively unshaken and were constantly referring to the rain as a blessing.  Quite the humbling experience.  Luckily the rain has now subsided and we can get back to work again.  6 more weeks in Cristo Rey with Elder Adams and the entire city will be under water...the waters of baptism that is!  I crack myself up.

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