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Mormon Fanboys

October 8, 2012

At this time last year I was trying to survive my first few weeks in the DR with my trainer as I struggled to understand why anyone could ever learn to speak Spanish.  I've come a long way since then...well not geographically.  I'm still stuck on this island, but I can at least order my own food and find a bathroom now.  I'm now well into the "bers" (Septem-, Octo-, Novem-, Decem-) and Christmas is beckoning me

General Conference was this past weekend and this time we six American missionaries got to watch it in English in a separate room.  I really should have taken a picture of us all huddled in that small room, each with a bag full of snacks and listening with baited breath for who would speak next.  We reacted like avid sports fans when an apostle would lay down the law or a profound, quotable phrase presented itself.  I'm pretty sure the amount of "OOOOhhhs!" and fist bumps edged on irreverent when Elder Holland spoke.  We are the nerdiest Mormon fanboys on this side of the island

Transfer calls came once again and I will be staying with Elder Adams for another transfer here in Cristo Rey.  That will make a whopping 5 months working together.  Good thing we get along.  This cycle we want to refocus our efforts on references.  We contact day in and day out and have hardly anything to show for it.  If we work with the members and less-actives we can not only strengthen the members but also find stronger investigators.  Well, that's the plan anyways.  Currently we are working on getting Roman a job so he will feel more comfortable paying the expensive marriage fee.  This last weekend we fasted with him and we hope that he will see blessings from his faith.  

We have various other families that are having even more trouble getting married and their progression is hitting a wall.  We're going to have to dig into our shallow reservoirs of patience to see them through, but it's worth the wait and the struggle.  The church was restored.  We have a prophet.  There is a plan.  The Book of Mormon is true.  Christ does live and his Father does know us.  The gospel is the way.  He is the light.  We are His children and His sheep.  This is my simple testimony in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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