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October 3, 2011

First week in the Dominican Republic.  Very nervous but also so excited which is a weird feeling.  We slept in the mission home which was cool and the next day we went to a church meetinghouse to do meetings and interviews for 3 hours.  First interview in all spanish was easy and President Rodriguez is awesome.

My companion's name is Elder Van Moos.  Awesome name for an awesome guy.  He lives in Utah somewhere and played football.  He has been very helpful in this first week as I adjust.   First thing we did was get home and drop off my stuff.  We left at 2:00 and we taught a guy named Oscar.  He lived in this cement house in an alley and was a very smart kid.  He knew everything and asked super hard questions.  I contributed a bit but he probably didn't understand me.  Very cool first lesson.

First contact with Elder Van Moos was accidentally at a church.  We knocked and before we could talk she told us basically to go away because they were having a prayer session.  Whoops.  Second door we knocked didn't answer so we moved to the third I got a cita (appointment) from a little girl who just kinda giggled at me.  Maybe I should have asked for her parents...

The big event of the week was that we had our first baptism on Saturday.  Elder Van Moos did the baptism and the font was filled with disgusting, green water.  Apparently something was wrong with the pipes but we went head with the baptism.  If anyone dies...well, at least they're baptized.

On a side note, the roads are absolutely insane here.  Crossing the street is like trying to dodge bullets.  The food is good though and everyone drinks juice.  Food is mainly rice, beans, and chicken.  No burritos surprisingly.  We have running water but we don't drink it of course.  The humidity is killer but I actually love it.  Everyone just sweats and sweats and sweats.  It's nice because no one can tell that I am so nervous.  My spanish is actually really good.  People will say "hey, he cant understand what I'm saying" and I say "hey, yes I can!" But really it is extremely difficult to understand these people at all.  I can teach lessons and say ´prayers and have simple conversations but its ugly.  At least I can speak to them though.  

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