Thursday, August 8, 2013

Of Families and Fritos

July 30, 2012

Having completed a full year as a missionary, we celebrated how any true American would: by eating things and burning things.  As per mission tradition I burned a shirt that had been taking up space in my suitcase for a long time.  I also made a delicious (if I might say so myself) frito pizza.  Not the healthiest choice of foods, but when you put four American boys in a house together you can´t expect too many vegetables to get eaten.  Year 2, begin.

This week was relatively uneventful besides for the progress of the ridiculously golden family we have been teaching.  The Berroa Family is comprised of the husband and his wife and their two kids, one girl (7) and one boy (12).  They have been extremely interested in our church and have been reading all of the material we leave with them.  Earlier this week we passed by to say hi and they told us that they had been investigating our church on the Internet.  Needless to say, a lot of doubts had surfaced.  My companion and I were slightly nervous that they would stop progressing and so we rigorously prepared to answer all of their questions.  When we finally taught them again we emphasized the importance of prayer and of testimonies received through the Holy Ghost before we tackled their doctrinal questions.  We then began explaining to them the various doctrinal principles that they had misunderstood while researching on the Internet.  My companion and I found that we were actually over-answering their questions.  Almost as quickly as we answered their questions their doubts melted away and they were once again eager to learn more.  At one point the husband actually asked us if it was possible for families to be together after death.  I wish someone would have taken a picture of my face when he asked that.  The wife gave the closing prayer and (despite the fact that she was praying to Jesus) she began to cry while doing so.  The Lord does indeed prepare those who we teach.  That fact is readily prevalent in almost every strong investigator we find and is obvious as we discuss the restored gospel with the Berroa Family.

Besides them we are also working with a man named Roman who is taking the lessons very well and seems to be enjoying church.  He told us that his wife had been trying to get them legally married for years now so we can only assume that she will love our message too.  We also set a baptismal date with a woman named Minerva who has been a dry member for over a year.  She converted from Catholicism and is nervous to get baptized for fear of the oppression she might receive from her friends and family.  We hope that she will push through and get baptized.  Cristo Rey seems to be full of people ready to accept the restored gospel of Jesus Christ...that or they just can't get enough of our dark American eyes. 

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