Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sandy and Gladis

November 5, 2012

Halfway through my third transfer in Cristo Rey with Elder Adams and we have yet to beat each other up.  15 weeks of working, sleeping, eating, teaching, contacting, and sweating in the same area with the same companion can get relatively monotonous, but luckily Cristo Rey keeps us on our toes and we have managed to retain our sanity.  Halloween isn't celebrated here so that was a bit of a disappointing holiday.  Thanksgiving should be equally uneventful. 

Hurricane Sandy blew through a little while ago and brought with it an ocean´s worth of rain and colder weather than I've felt in years.  We´re talking 60 to 70 degree temperatures here.  I know, really cold.  Our fans got a break for a few days and we couldn't dry out our clothes for that time, but other than that we weren't affected.  Many houses here are made of wood slats, cardboard, or concrete blocks so many were struggling to keep dry.  Even our thick concrete walls were becoming damp from water seeping in through unnoticeable cracks.  Sandy left it´s mark. 

Recently we have been facing very little progression among our investigators.  The Sosa Family are still strong but are having trouble making the decision to get married.  We continue to teach them and they attend church but they may have to take a few more steps of faith before they arrive at baptism.  We have also been teaching a woman named Gladis recently who has been very receptive.  As we began to teach her she appeared relatively disinterested, but one day we show up to her house and she told us that she had prayed and had received an answer that the church was true.  I thought maybe she was confused, but she used specific wording in bearing her testimony to us, mentioning the restoration, Joseph Smith, and modern day prophets.  I was in shock and I had to hold back chuckles when I look over at my companion whose mouth was hanging open.  For all of the prayer invitations we extend, not many people actually do it.  She has since attended church, read all of the pamphlets, and is currently making plans to be married.  Tight.  We have also been receiving various references from members that have major potential.  Maybe having another baptism here isn't as distant of a dream as I thought it was.  

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